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Thanks so much!!

After a very intense election, we are proud to announce we made the runoff! Without your support, we would not be here. I am so grateful for the support and contributions of each and every one of you.

The runoff election is June 7, and ballots arrive May 20th. I am writing today to ask for your continued support. In the next five weeks, we’ll be running a targeted, professional campaign. Please contact us if you can donate time to help in the coming runoff election.  Just click on take action on the menu bar and then fill out the form.

In the past few weeks I have personally spoken with hundreds of voters on the phone and at their doors. Everyone shares the desire for our neighborhood to be the best place to live and raise a family. I will work hard over the next 5 weeks to earn the support of district residents, and I will work hard for 4 years as your elected city council member representing District 1 to achieve that goal.  

We need help getting my message out to people and making sure they vote.  Can you volunteer a few hours to ensure that we have a representative that will make northwest Denver the best place to live and raise a family?

Thanks so much, look forward to seeing you soon on the campaign trail!

With deepest gratitude,

Susan K. Shepherd 


Susan Shepherd Pledges Accessibility Despite Council Office Changes

Denver City Council Makes Changes to Locations of District Council Offices

April 5, 2011


Yesterday Denver’s current City Council took an understandable yet disheartening position to eliminate the budget for district offices.  Local council offices have provided service to residents of northwest Denver for over 35 years.  I make a commitment today to the residents of District 1 to continue the tradition of providing accessible service and I will have regular office hours in the community.

“Its unfortunate City Council had to make a decision like this but as a City Council Member, I will do everything I can to make sure that residents of District 1 will not see a drop in accessibility their representative”, says Susan Shepherd.

I strongly support the need for district council members to have a local community office. When I am elected as the next Council representative for District 1 I will:

  • Reject the city council pay raise distributing it to Parent and Teacher organizations in our local schools.
  • Like previous council member and now Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher, work with our elected representatives at the State House, Senate, School Board and RTD to maintain a full time community office of elected representation
  • Scout local Denver owned facilities for possible office locations.
  • Similar to other models exhibited by many local community organizations like Highland Mommies, neighborhood and business organizations—establish set dates and times monthly to be out in our community addressing issues.

This decision is a tough one by the City Council but I will make sure that residents of District 1 will be heard.




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